We believe in the power of unity, the strength of diversity, and the beauty of aspirations. Let us be each other's inspiration, the reason someone believes in the goodness of people and the strength of community. Inspire Me Women

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Build your network, expand your circle of friends, share insights and expertise in a trusted community of women

In the heart of every woman lies the innate ability to connect, inspire, and create.  It’s in the way we nurture, collaborate, and empower

This is the essence of what we do. It is a private group of women who share & receive inspiration and motivation, grow their network to further personal & business opportunity, share expertise, insights and friendship. This is a place where you can be yourself. We give you the opportunity to promote yourself and what you do

Margie and Chris fuel your ambition. Your successes are celebrated and your challenges are supported. The majority of our speakers are our own community of women. It’s a unique opportunity to promote your own self and business

Get togethers: Monthly Breakfasts, After 5, Annual September Speaker Event, Charity event

Join us Simply visit our Events page, reserve your spot, and join us at our next gathering! email

Benefits of joining us as an Inspire Woman

You build your network, expand your circle of friends, share insights and expertise in a trusted community of women

Engage with interesting and informative speakers, receive valuable top tips & trends

Importantly, we often invite members to be speakers, allowing them to showcase their story and experiences, which not only boosts their brand but also helps us to get to know them better

  • Connection is important
  • Being able to talk about things as women in a trusted group is vital
  • Being informed is enlightening
  • Building our network creates greater opportunity

How the Sisterhood Connect

7.30 – 8.45am monthly Feel motivated with this great way to start your day Speaker & round table discussion including a delicious breakfast with tea coffee juice Dietary requirements are catered for

After 5

5:00 – 6:30pm (with a 5:15pm start time) Connect with our community of women After 5’ers and replenish your energy tank Included welcome glass of bubbles or juice & nibbles. Generally with a guest speaker

With influential speakers sharing valuable insights on topics important to women both in the work place and any place

Every year Margie and Christ have a fun and fabulous Charity Fundraiser where all proceeds after expenses are donated to Charity, supporting women and children. Generally Breast Cancer Foundation NZ is one of the Charities

  • 23 April After 5
  • 30 May After 5
  • 27 June After 5
  • 23 July Breakfast
  • 27 August Breakfast
  • September Event
  • 22 October Breakfast
  • 28 November Party
  • December Chris & Margies 12 Hats of Christmas
A snapshot of three of our past Brekky / After 5 inspiring speakers

Feedback on one some of our Inspire Me Women speakers

Janine Morrell-Gunn: “Janine was mesmerising, I could have listened to her for hours” Kerry Jacksonwas so interesting to listen to, I was fascinated with Kerry’s talk from her personal life to creating an incredibly successful global companyErin JamiesonI got so much out of Erin’s observations and life lessons, personally I can better define now what my own success looks like

Inspire Me Mentors

Christine Margie and Natalie have mentored many people of all ages and life stages. They particularly relate to women who are looking for professional or personal mentoring, women re-evaluating where they are at, women re-entering the workforce, women looking for extra support to navigate their pathway.

As mentors we allow you to see your potential and your pathway to greater success in work and in life.

You will form a close bond with one of us, or all of us, as we provide our knowledge and experience with you, to expand your professional and personal development. 

A game changer in mentoring is allowing you to see your own potential and then inspire and motivate you to reach your goals & life pathway

Get in touch with Margie and Chris via our online form – via our Facebook Messenger – M: 021620026

Workplace and Anyplace sessions

It is working with individuals and groups to achieve an outcome to succeed in work and in life

We know that a well motivated workforce, group or individual absolutely drives positive outcomes for every person involved

Because of that, we provide companies or individuals with workplace or anyplace sessions. These sessions are designed uniquely for that person or persons based on their needs and goals

Inspire Me Women influence the level of motivation and determination of women through our sessions. Contact us now to discuss your pathway to further success

Let us take the stress out of your event planning

We have the contacts, we have the know-how, we have the expertise to make your event outstanding

We create your business or personal event based on your budget and the perfect outcome

A snapshot of some of our events we have organised & managed: Stunning High Tea for 160 people – Lunch for 200 with guest speakers – Brunch & Bubbles – Charity women’s event – exhibition – Creation and management of business lunches and women get togethers

Let us arrange a meeting with you to discuss your aspirations and expectations Please contact Christine Korako m: 021 620 026